Frequent questions

When do I check in and check out?
You can check in after 13.00 and check out until 12.00 at noon.You have the option to check out later than 12.00, but only with a small extra charge, upon request and depending on room availability.

Does the hotel have a parking space?
Yes, there is a parking space in front of our hotel, which helps you to carry your luggage more easily during your check-in.

Is the hotel pet-friendly?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in our hotel. Of course we like animals, but not all of our clients are pet lovers.

Is there an elevator?
Unfortunately, our hotel does not have an elevator and as a result we can not serve people with physical disabilities.

Is there a bus-stop or a taxi-stand nearby?
Of course, there is a bus-stop next to the hotel and you can very easily get a taxi in the main street of Dimitriados in front of the hotel.

Is the tap water drinkable?
No, the tap water is not drinkable, so it is advisable that you use only bottled water.

Are there any sights in the area?
There are a lot of interesting places worth visiting around the area. Please check also the section about sight-seeing.

What about internet access?
There is free internet access in all the hotel spaces.

Can I rent a car?
There are many car rental agencies around. Of course, our reception staff will provide you with all the necessary information at any time!