The legendary ship "Argo"

Volos, the city of the Argonauts and the Myth

In ancient times lived in Thessaly King Athamas and queen Nephele who had two children, Phrixus and Elli. Athamas abandoned his family and Nephele to protect her children sought the help of the gods. Then Hermes gave her a flying golden ram to travel her children from west to east.

Helle fell off the ram and drowned ... in Hellespont. Phrixus reached Colchis where he sacrificed the ram and gave the golden fleece to King Aeetes.

In Thessaly near the kingdom of Athamania was the kingdom of Aisonia who at one time gave the kingdom to his brother Pelias on condition that when his son Jason became an adult , Pelias would deliver the kingdom to him.

The time has come and Jason asked his uncle to give him back the kingdom. He then said he would only give it, if they bring the Golden Fleece from Colchis ...

The ship for the journey was made by Argos, from which it took its name, Argo. It was made from trees of Pelion, under the guidance of the goddess Athena. It had fifty oars and in the bow Athena had placed a piece of the holy speaking oak of Dodona.

All the heroes of Greece, fifty in number, including Hercules took part in the campaign. Among them were the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, Orpheus, Peleus, Laertes, Telamon and Atalanta hunter, the only woman.

Pagases sailed from the port of Iolkos, passed from Lemnos, Samothrace, defeated the symplegades, rowed east and reached the kingdom of Colchis.

The Goddess Athena adjusted a piece of wood on the bow from the sacred oak Dodona which had the ability to speak and prophesy the future.


The Golden Fleece is the prize of the hero.
From ancient times to today the argonautica campaign symbolizes overshoot.

Connecting people and cultures. Exploring the world. The legend of Argonauts endured over the centuries, because the truth of the journey, which is the Mediterranean peoples need for communication was always so timely and so important.
Today, Argo reopened its sails.

With the initiative of the Municipality of Volos, the expertise of the Scientific Institute "Nafdomos" the active support of the Culture Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Merchant Navy, Interior and Tourism and sponsored by the Resti Group, modern Argonauts are starting from ancient Iolkos, the current Volos, crossing the waters of the Mediterranean and Adriatic.

Keeping faithful to all the ancient Greek shipbuilding rules that make it today the pole of international scientific and academic interest, paddling only with daylight, the pentikontoros Argo started on June 14 the trip from Volos to Venice.

It follows the reverse route of 1,200 nautical miles that argo took according to legend, on her return, with equivalent technical difficulty in distances, times and conditions with the mythical journey.

From Greece to Albania, from Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia to Italy, Argo at each destination conveys the message of cooperation and our common cultural heritage. And if then. myth symbolized the need for exploration, currently in "a world without borders", modern Argo reminds us all of the interaction and closeness of our peoples.

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